Sam Becker-Miyadai

Digital Marketer / Food Systems Nerd / Community Developer

Barnabas Farmworks Intern // Keats Island, B.C.


An almost two week immersive study in the principles of sustainable farming on a small island outside of Vancouver, British Columbia is the simplest way to describe this project. Barnabas Farmworks dedicates itself to making the retreat center and summer camp that it is partnered with more self-sustained. The dream for them is to one day be completely self-sustained, meaning they source all their food from their farm so they do not have to go off the island as frequently. Barnabas Farmworks dabbles in a little of everything from bee keeping to pig farming to making their own custom soaps and hand salves to bread baking and brewing beer to composting to chicken farms and more. They bring to life what farming and community look like with their deep conviction and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Experience Gained

  • Baking sour dough bread from scratch
  • Crop rotation lessons
  • Seed planning for planting season
  • Introduction to geo-terracing 
  • Lessons in Permaculture principles and application
  • Cooking classes 
  • Brewing lessons
  • Constructing a curriculum reading and recommended film list
  • Networking with other Canadian sustainable farms like Sole Food Farms & A Rocha Canada 

Reflection / What I Learned

I learned more close-up what it looks like "to view the entire journey of food, from the moment a seed is dropped into the soil to the meal that it provides, as a powerful opportunity to grow family, relationships, and community." I saw and participated in the farm-to-table principle being a tool to bring strangers together and foster community. By the end of my short time on Keats Island I felt like I was family and eagerly look forward to my next visit. Barnabas Farmworks affirmed more that purposeful and community oriented farming is a viable way to foster healthy holistic community development.