Sam Becker-Miyadai

Digital Marketer / Food Systems Nerd / Community Developer

Marketing Research Project


This semester-long project identified marketing problems for a local business in Orange County and provided valuable information for the decision-makers concerning the consumer’s preferences, attitudes and desires. The research was conducted primarily through in-depth interviews, a focus-group and surveys. Survey data was processed and findings were analyzed in order to create valuable tables and charts that led to recommendations for the client to implement. This project was conducted for green2Go, a bakery/bar/restaurant in Brea, CA. I presented the client with a report consisting of the research, findings and the resulting practical marketing recommendations.

The purpose of this project was to provide my client with valuable information concerning their customers’ preferences, attitudes and desires. Research was conducted in several phases over the course of 3 months. Exploratory secondary research was performed first, followed by customer and professional interviews, a focus group and lastly a survey. The data from the survey was then analyzed and sorted into relevant findings. The findings along with the research conducted were compiled and presented to the client.


  • Secured and interacted with an official small business owner
  • Worked directly with client to create research objectives
  • Identified and assessed key marketing problems
  • Secondary research
  • Primary research (in-depth customer interviews)
    • Customer satisfaction survey
    • Focus group
  • Created and distributed an exhaustive customer satisfaction survey
  • Learned Survey Pro 4.0 software to create surveys, input survey responses, analyze report, and create cross tabulations/select filters with survey data
  • Created marketing recommendations in response to the research and data received
  • Combined all information into a customized, professionally-bound marketing research report