Sam Becker-Miyadai

Digital Marketer / Food Systems Nerd / Community Developer


Please note the following are a few of the projects that I have consulted or partnered with groups on over the last several years. There are several that are not documented here due to privacy.

Additional project references are available upon request.

Cambodia sustainability project

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia riddled with some of the world's highest rates of prostitution. We observed, designed, and implemented to provide the sustainability component for a developing Rehabilitation Center for rescued sex-trafficked girls. Two months of in-country work yielded a two acre food haven.

Non-Profit Marketing Plan 

This semester-long project identified marketing problems for a nonprofit organization and created a one year marketing plan for the founder of the organization. The research was conducted primarily through in-depth interviews, questionnaires, and surveys. Survey data and interview responses were analyzed in order to create strategic  programatic recommendations for the client to implement. 

Marketing Research Project 

A 3-month research analysis that identified marketing problems for a local business in Orange County and provided valuable information to the decision-makers concerning the consumer’s preferences, attitudes and desires. The research was conducted primarily through in-depth interviews, a focus-group, and surveys.


Aquaponics in West Bank

A quick week-long project with my HS from Ohio. We partnered with a sustainable farm that is completely off the grid to build them their first-ever aquaponics system. 

Strategic Management: An Analysis of Amazon, Inc.

A semester-long project where I was partnered with a team to do an in-depth study of a publicly traded company. We chose Amazon because of their disruption, innovation, and domination of the e-commerce industry. We were curious to see what made them tick and discovered some interesting things along the way. This project was delivered in a board room to business professionals as if they were the board of directors to simulate real project proposals. 

TMP: A Study on The Organic Grocery Industry 

An in-depth research analysis of a specific industry, identifying marketing strategies of two different competitors. After examination, a potential third product/service is created to compete within the specific target market. The semester-long project includes professional and customer interviews, secondary research relating to the industry.




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