Sam Becker-Miyadai

Digital Marketer / Food Systems Nerd / Community Developer

Non-Profit Marketing Plan // Living Justly Industries, Inc.


This semester-long project identifies marketing problems for a nonprofit organization and creates a one year marketing plan for the founder of the organization. The research was conducted primarily through in-depth interviews, questionnaires, and surveys. Survey data and interview responses were analyzed in order to create strategic  programatic recommendations for the client to implement. This project was conducted for the aquaponics non-profit called Living Justly Industries, Inc. in La Habra, CA. I presented the client with a report consisting of the research, marketing area analysis, findings and the resulting practical marketing recommendations.


  • Secured and interacted with an official nonprofit organization 
    • Worked directly with client to create research objectives
  • Identified and assessed key marketing problems
    • Secondary research
    • Primary research (in-depth customer interviews)
    • Stakeholder survey
  • Created marketing recommendations in response to the research and data received
  • Combined all information into a customized, professionally-bound marketing research report 


I learned an invaluable amount about non-profits from the structure to the workflow (sometimes painfully non-existent) to the decision-making process. Non-profits are incredible in what niche they seek to serve in their local communities. The hearts, passion, and resiliency of non-profits are often unmatched. Through this project, I have a much deeper respect for all non-profits and the leadership who invest countless hours and quite literally shed blood, sweat and tears over serving their target market. 

Working with Living Justly allowed me the opportunities to witness first-hand and understand more fully the strengths and weaknesses of a non-profit. I was able to meet with the founders and the partners and the recipients of their farming work and through this practice of active research I have gained a better understanding for what contributes to best practices for the leading non-profits.

Lastly, I learned through this project to look at the metrics for success of a business much differently, whether non-profit or B-corp or for-profit structure, The metrics of success should not be so linear and looking at the bottom-line of profit. The KPI's for one's employees should look much differently as well. There should be a multi-dimensional scale for success metrics that must be established and continuously communicated and understood by all internally and externally.