Sam Becker-Miyadai

Digital Marketer / Food Systems Nerd / Community Developer

Target Market Project // Organic Grocery Foods Industry


This was a semester-long marketing project that resulted in a 62-page report on the organic grocery foods industry. I selected an industry (organic grocery foods industry)  and two companies (Whole Foods & Trader Joe's) within that industry. Upon researching the industry and the companies I created a potential new company that solved needs for the specific target market. I chose the organic grocery foods industry and analyzed both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s because of my interest in the recent rise of the health foods trend and my interest in food sustainability.



  • Conducted exploratory research in order to determine the trends in the marketing environment
    • Includes internet research, articles, surveys, and interviews with professionals and existing customers in respective industry
    • Discuss industry potential, current trends, competitive factors, technological advancements, legal regulations, social factors, and consumer behavior factors
  • Developed a competitive analysis of existing competitors
    • Organized research to identify the different marketing strategies that are currently being utilized by the primary competitors in the industry
    • Created positioning maps and primary target market analysis
    • Identified product, price, place, promotion, and website objectives/strategies
  • Analyzed overview of marketplace
    • Analyzed ethical issues and potential problems in the marketplace
    • Formed a SWOT analysis for competitors in the industry
    • Evaluated competitive advantages/areas of dissatisfaction
    • Intentional marketing strategies for a theoretical third product/service based on quality, consistency, employee satisfaction, customer service, and research
  • Developed a theoretical third product/service
    • Implemented intentional marketing strategies and recommendations
    • Created name, selected location, and improved product quality and consistency
    • Discussed promotion campaigns and customer relationship marketing techniques